Staying challenged and accountable

Let me take a minute to introduce you to Marcia.  She is someone who like many, has struggled with weight issues throughout her life.  For her it began in childhood.  Over the years she has tried several different programs and techniques to drop weight.  She was often successful with her weight loss, but this would only last for a short period.  This past year all of that changed.  You know when people say “something clicked”? Well something clicked for Marcia, but it wasn’t in an instant.  A lot of things led up to this gradual shift in mindset.


Marcia signed up for a weight loss program at the beginning of 2013 that was based on a low glycemic plan. This program gave you the food to eat in pre-packaged single portion servings, so it was all lined out for her. She has come to realize that having some kind of “plan” is necessary for her success.  Marcia is a self proclaimed “rule-follower”, which means that if you set the guidelines for her, you better bet she’s going to do it!  Some of us struggle to follow through with such things, for Marcia she finds herself motivated and once she commits, she’s focused.

Some other things were occurring along the way.  The program she was following had healthy living classes that she actually attended before she started the diet.  In these classes she felt encouraged and was given a new vision of herself and courage to make changes.  They actually spoke aboutseeing yourself in a different light.  This is so key.  If you want to be healthy and fit, see yourself as that person versus overweight and disappointed with yourself.  Even if you don’t totally believe that new vision, the more you really put your mind there, the more you will start making choices that follow suit.

I also hosted a bible study that was centered on health and fitness.  Marcia was a part of that and feels that also added to her changing perspective.  It’s all about letting go of habits and patterns of thinking that keep us stuck, and embracing new ones.  This requires stopping and taking an honest look at yourself and where you are at.  If you are going to let go of anything and change, you have to know what you are letting go of and be upfront about it.  For some of us that might be some deep rooted pain from the past, self-esteem issues, the disbelief that we deserve better or are worth it; or it might be the unwillingness to let go of what we find comfortable and self-gratifying.  It could be a fear of new things and change.  There are so many whys that are different for each of us, and critical to identify.

Marcia’s change has been about moving from being emotionally motivated with her food, to being motivated to be healthy overall…not just physically.  One very key piece to her journey is that now she recognizes when she is veering off course and makes conscious efforts to refocus.  It is important to understand, though, that this actually starts before the “veering off course” ever occurs.  Prevention is where it’s at and this is a huge part of Marcia’s change in mind set…her “aha moment”, if you will.  Not only will Marcia tell you this, but you can see it very clearly in her daily life: she continually seeks knowledge, resources and experiences that all relate to healthy living.  She is always learning new ways to be creative with her lifestyle change, how to make it fun, and surrounding herself with other people of like mindedness.  This is something she emphasizes: you MUST stay connected with healthy people and look to others for inspiration who show healthy results in their own lives.

I could go on and on about Marcia’s journey.  It’s been an awesome thing to watch.  When the transformation happens from the inside out is when it will stick.

A few things to leave you with that work for Marcia:

  • Challenging herself with new goals and specific programs help keep her from getting bored and stuck in a rut.
  • She does so much better when tracking her food and exercise, then it’s right there in front of her and she can see where she needs to be more focused AND reward herself for the positive changes.
  • Planning ahead before events/situations where she knows she will be tempted to go off track.


A transformation story


….36 pounds later!

Let me introduce you to Amy.  Amy and I met ohhhhhh just shy of 20 years ago in a class at our local community college.  She has been working with me (I own a residential cleaning biz) for the past couple of years.  Amy has always been one who did not put much thought into her weight.  She ate what she wanted and felt pretty content.  At times she would make small efforts toward creating healthy habits, such as new exercise programs, but it never stuck.

Turning point:
A few months back Amy started shrinking!  🙂  She stepped on the scale finally and found she had lost 20 pounds!  She attributes the weight loss to the fact that business had dramatically picked up which meant not only was she far more active every day, but she was eating less just from being occupied with other things and not at home.  This sparked a new found motivation to be proactive in her own life and make goals!

Amy agreed to let me put her on a plan and away she went.  She joined a bible study I hosted that focused on health and nutrition and that added to her personal education on her own wellness.  Rather than buying food and eating based on what her taste buds were telling her, she started paying attention to the nutrition (or lack thereof) in her choices as well as calories.  I have stressed calories with Amy’s plan and she has done wonderfully.  She’s the best student!!!  She said she was shocked, once she started changing her habits, at how much she had been eating without even being aware of it.

Now what?
Now that Amy is close to her goal weight and she has gained tons of energy, she is ready to incorporate regular exercise into her routine in order to tone and take better care of her body in general.

Amy was surprised that just a change in her daily activity level (just being on her feet more) brought on such weight loss.

Amy also was happy to find that deprivation does not have to be part of the plan!  Her perspective has changed and she is focused on portions and enjoying her food and health more.

Another surprise was that she was passing foods up that she would normally eat basically out of habit.  She has become far more conscious of her choices and realized at times she would eat just because food was there rather than because she actually wanted it.

Health benefits:
A major part of Amy’s journey has been the fact that she struggles with thyroid issues and has been able to lose weight despite this obstacle.  She has also noticed that the physical demands at work do not have the same effects they used to.  Even her joints don’t ache like they used to after busier days.

A message from Amy:
Losing weight does not mean you have to change your whole lifestyle.  Start small and work from there.  Celebrate the little accomplishments!!


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