We’re Better Together: Part 2

I have had the privilege of health coaching a man recently who is just so darn dedicated it makes my heart happy! From day 1 he just put his head down and went for it and so far he’s 30 pounds lighter and, according to him, has 5x more energy! Freaking awesome. 

What’s more freaking awesome than that? His girlfriend is the one who connected him with me and she comes into the sessions (I adore her). She is very supportive and encouraging without a hint of “shoulding” on him. Tonight at the end of our session he paused before walking out the door and said “I couldn’t do this without her” as he gave his girlfriend a hug. **Hello water in the eyes!! 😢❤️** SO sweet! It has been beautiful to watch. 

I’ve been reminded recently of how important it is to be able to share this stuff with your person. I have that guy and man do I feel blessed!! We have SO. MUCH. FUN. nerding out on health and fitness together! It’s a ton of fun playing, creating, sweating our butts off and setting new goals all the time. Love it!

Having health and fitness be a shared thing in a relationship is HUGE! It should be a requirement! Haha! I kid but seriously….the benefits are rediculous. So often couples just get into a mode where life is lived on auto pilot and things happen by each other but not WITH each other. To struggle through things together, work hard to become better, explore together, step out of your comfort zone together….PRICELESS! 

If you don’t have this in your relationship…go get it!! Make it happen! Start small. Just go outside for heck’s sake! Go on a walk…go on a hike….get on your bike… You don’t have to go run 10 miles. Really. Just get out there and breathe the fresh air and get your heart pumping a little and PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE (unless you’re doing a handstand…then we must have pics🤓)! Be present and see how that feels. 

If your person isn’t interested in any of this stuff…DO IT ANYWAY. Do it and keep doing it. Hopefully they will be inspired. But there’s always the chance that won’t happen. You will be better and happier for it regardless and that alone will benefit your relationship!

I have to end this by telling my guy THANK YOU ❤️You’re my favorite person to get fit with and I look so forward to lots  more exploring, creating, and being dorks together all while working hard and reaching more goals as a unit! 😘

Now get out there people!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!! 

XOXO, Jess


Better Together…part 2

I had a health coaching session tonight with a guy who is doing AMAZING! Super proud of the progress he’s making and his dedication! He’s lost 30 pounds by eating cleaner, consistently and less. But beyond that is the fact that his girlfriend comes in with him and supports him every step of the way. She very much gives him room to be himself (not pushing him into something he’s not interested in) as she gently supports him toward reaching his goals. It’s awesome. At one point he took a moment tonight to recognize that he wouldn’t be able to do this without her support. Makes my eyes get a little misty! ❤️ 

Naturally I think of my own relationship and how thankful I am to have someone who loves to live vibrantly with me! We have so much fun playing outside, trying new recipes and creating goals together. I know not all people have someone to share these things with and I just can’t imagine it being another way!

Beyond having that support…pursuing health and fitness as a couple does pretty cool things for your relationship! It enables you to dream big together. It’s awesome building strength and stamina and being creative together. It seems far too easy for couples to fall into funks where they do things around each other but not truly WITH each other. 

What a great way to grow closer, by challenging yourselves, working hard together, cheering each other on, trying new things together. And the energy you get for life ROCKS! I firmly believe it is an integral ingredient in any strong relationship! 

So if your relationship feels stagnant and health & fitness are lacking…I encourage you to incorporate it and see what happens! It could be as simple as taking regular walks together. It could be popping in a workout dvd a few days a week and doing it side by side. I love when I see couples in my class too! Hike together, bike ride…the options are endless!

If you are that person in a relationship with someone who is less than excited about the notion of being more active and eating healthier…do it anyway! You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle, but start doing small things to bring health into your life together and see what happens. Either you will find you are inspiring your person…or, you might realize you need to network with other people who share your interests in this part of your life. And that’s ok. The bottom line is for you to not let lack of support stop you! You will be happier for it no matter what. 

I have to close this post by saying THANK YOU to my guy for being that person in my life! You’re my favorite person to nerd out on health & fitness with!  I am thankful ❤️😘


Fish n’ Chips

Golden fried, hot, lightly crisp on the outside, flakey and soft on the inside… nothing I like to splurge on quite as much as a delicious plate of fish n chips! 

Why the heck would I be writing about fried food here?!

I am all about balance! I don’t just preach it, I live it! You need to love your food, enjoy your life, find things that make you happy along your journey and sprinkle indulgence in with discipline. Notice I said “sprinkle”, not DUMP! 😉 I rarely ever eat something fried. But when I do, it’s a conscious decision and it will be something that just makes my heart so happy. Fish n chips for this girl! Not fish n salad (although I might start with that). Not fish n’ cole slaw. Nope. Gotta have those french fries or it’s no deal! 

I am, in fact, on a quest to find the best fish n chips in the Northwest! Trust me, if  a restaurant around here serves them, I’ve probably had them! 

Last weekend we went snowshoeing and stopped for fish n chips on our way home in Eugene.  They look delish don’t they?! Wellllllllll….they were on the greaser side. Fried doesn’t have to leave you with a heavy, greasy feeling after. Ugh. Not a fan. You have to be selective when you splurge! I don’t like just going for it and not LOVING my indulgence. That’s part of the trick. I feel you can really feel satisfied on less when it is DARN GOOD! 

One thought on GUILT really quick. I heard myself say as we were seeking out our fried dinner that day “I would NEVER feel guilty about fish n chips!” And it’s TRUE!! When you have something you allow yourself to splurge on and you are being smart about it (I don’t mean splurge as in binge and eat until your busting at the seams, or let the whole day go down the tubes with whatever floats your boat. Let’s be real! It’s about making controlled choices and feeling good about it!). The thing is, I never, ever, EVER feel an ounce of guilt about indulging when I’ve decided to go for it. No use in doing that to yourself. PLUS, if you are being reasonable and not eating your plate of food, plus your spouses and a dessert to top it off…there’s no reason to have remorse. Enjoy it!!!!!! Then move on and continue with your clean, healthy, super nutrient dense way of eating as usual! It’s all part of BALANCE!!!! 

Now…I’m curious…what is your favorite thing to splurge on?! 
Enjoy your day!

xoxo, Jess