Getting my head in the game

It’s November. It’s getting chilly out. We just passed Halloween so we all know we are officially in “the Holiday season”. This is when life gets crazy hectic. Crazier and more hectic than usual (“is that possible” you’re asking yourself, right?). We rush through this time of year, maybe more so than the rest of the year, or maybe it only feels that way. Regardless, it’s here and it will be gone before we know it…leaving us standing here, wondering “what just happened?” and “how could another year have just passed by?”
January is on its way. Close your eyes and you’ll open them to 2015. It’ll happen that fast. But, last night as I took some time to veg by the fire I realized I have some decisions to make. I don’t want January to come and to feel that I have to undo all the wreckage from a careless holiday season in which I just let things go because, after all, it’s the holidays.
I am choosing to live this holiday season with purpose! Rather than getting on the crazy train and just flying through the season with the flow of traffic…I’m going to make it what I want it to be. I am focused on my goals regardless of the time of year because I want them that bad! If it’s not the holidays deterring me, it’s summer or I’m too busy or…you name it. But this year will be about being conscious of living with purpose EVERYDAY.
My pastor said something like this today, “do you want to do something extraordinary with your life? Or do you want to remain distracted?” I want to do something extraordinary. And for me that means living on purpose, being present with my son and my loved ones, helping people reach goals and feel good about themselves! This is going to happen regardless of the obstacles in my path…because there will ALWAYS be obstacles!
Now…how about YOU? Remember: you are entirely up to you!!!